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If you live in a part of the world that has really short periods of daylight during the fall and winter seasons then a SAD light may be of benefit. You probably have seen on television the benefits of SAD Lights and wondered how they may benefit you while working from home.

I am not sure what your routine may be like but when I work at home and see the sun go down at 4 PM, I find it difficult to keep my energy levels up.

Come fall time my body goes into hibernation mode. I have cravings to bulk up on carbs and want to just go to bed…wake me up in the spring, please.

That feeling may be something called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a natural process of your body going into an energy conservation mode. I believe one way to fool or maybe retrain the body and avoid triggering this reaction is to make your body think that the days have remained the same.

That is where the SAD light comes in. It mimics the sun’s rays, without the harmful effects. It tricks your body, that is your hormonal production levels into thinking that the sun is still up and you still have lots of time to get things done during the day.

What Causes Seasonal Affective Disorder

What causes SAD


Types of SAD lights


As the title describes, the desktop SAD light is one that you can place on your desk while you work, or any table, counter or workstation. It is mainly designed to be near you while you work.


A SAD light that you place at your bedside and it generally has an automatic turn that turns on the mechanism. The higher end models will turn on gradually to mimic a sunrise to fool you into thinking it is a sunny morning with the birds chirping


With it own stand you can place this model anywhere in your home or workshop. Various models exist an may help a group of people instead of just the individual using at close proximity


Some SAD lights are placed in sun visors of caps, sunglasses and I’m sure there are other mobile SAD devices being invented each day. Just beware that you do not use them for too long as the distance to your eyes may be too close.


The popularity of the SAD light you will see all types of knock-offs that may not be good or safe for your health. Prolonged exposure to certain types of UV rays can cause acute to permanent damage.

Ensure that you SAD device has the official mark of UL certification for the USA, ULC or CSA for Canada, CE for European countries which indicate that the device was tested and meet your country’s or territory’s safety regulations.

Although my site and tools are geared for people that work from home some of the SAD lights described can also be used in the workplace. You can ask your manager, employer or if you are fortunate enough to have an occupational health and safety officer on site,  this can be something requested as a tool of necessity due to the health and production benefits listed earlier.

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