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webdeveloperbannerIf you had a chance to view my Affiliate Marketing blurb that was listed as my first choice for online businesses, then you are already on your way at knowing what it takes at becoming a website developer.

The foundation for affiliate marketing is to develop your website to have links to affiliate programs or products.

Now, I understand you may not want to get involved with all the business side of affiliate marketing, and I respect that, but if you haven’t taken the time to read about how it all works, then I say please do read it. It is not all that complicated as you may think, and if you can do website development for someone else, then you can certainly manage to do affiliate marketing, and either make a few dollars extra on the side with little effort or, hey you may make a killing on it.

Have I sparked an interest?

Check it out here==> Affiliate Marketing Platform

They will teach you everything there is to know about Affiliate marketing.

Ok, ok, you’re not interested that type of business.  So website developer it is then.

Now this blog is certainly not for the experienced internet savvy person. If you have created your own websites in the past, then this post will be quite, insert yawn here, boring for you.

I’m not going to dive into Javascript, HTML, C++ or anything like that stuff here.

If the only thing you got out of the last sentence was the word “stuff”, then you are in the right place. You are at the same level as most of the world’s population when it comes to computer or website programming.

My goal here today is to help those who have never had any experience in creating a website before, or maybe even have limited level of talent when it comes to surfing the web.

Now believe it or not, just a few months ago I was one of those described above. Sure I could navigate the internet, and “Like” things on Facebook, but that was pretty much the extent of what I could do.

Skip forward 4 months, and now I can confidently build someone a basic website foundation within minutes. I can add Google AdSense or Bing ads Pay per Click with a few copying and pasting into the sidebar widgets, put some Amazon carousel widgets and….

Oops…see I’m already speaking that internet stuff lingo, I apologize, geek filter back on.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you don’t need to have a Web Development graduate certificate to start your own business.

I mean you can still go get a certificate, pay for College or University courses to give you the basics required to develop a website, and you may be able to get a job with someone else and work by their rules.

That method does not meet the criteria for this site.

webdeveloperfeaturedarkPersonally, especially at my age, I am not interested in sitting with a bunch of youngins, who no longer speak my ancient style of English or French language, for 2+ years, and pay for tuition, books and who knows what else is needed in school these days.

The funny thing is, you could still take a certificate program, and also sign up to my #1 recommended online learning platform. It may take you a little longer, but for around $1 /day you could be developing your business while getting an education.

I prefer to have an online course where I can learn in the comfort of my home, at my own pace at whatever hour I am able or wish to be available. Being able to stay at home with my wife and kids is all the reason I needed to make my choice.

Now think about it for a minute.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can learn everything there is to know about website development while making an online income?

wa_change_lifeThat’s right, you can actually make money while learning.

Sure there is a cost for the full course and tools. Just think, with the equivalent amount of time and work that you would be putting into taking a certificate course, you could be creating your own successful online website or sites. Within those 2+ years, you could be earning hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars per month.

Within those 2+ years of your life, instead of sitting in a classroom, you could be earning hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars per month, and the cost of the course and tools at a fraction of the cost of a certificate course.

You may argue that with the course you have a paper saying you are certified to create websites. That may help you get an entry level job working for somebody else at close, if not at minimum wage, while the others that took the online course have already established their online business.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at John’s latest story here==>Goodbye Las Vegas!   Actually, John was the guy that brought me to this “Earn While You Learn” concept.

Now you can get different variations and costs for this type of training from other sites, but I can tell you will find nothing as complete as My #1 Recommended site.

You are probably asking, “Hey where is the information on starting my website developer business?”

The reason I didn’t write pages of information is because I could never compare to the information you will get just by signing up for FREE, and reading the introductory information and taking the starter course.

This website development program has been in business for over 10 years, with thousands of active members helping each other out with whatever online business they are pursuing.

Want FREE access to this website?  Click on the WA banner below.

Have a question about anything?  I would love to hear from you.



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