Start Your Own Blogging Business

There are many benefits to start a blogging business. The main reason is the option to work from home or anywhere in the world with internet access.

Start Your Blogging Business

The problem is knowing how to start a blog business.

The keyword I'm trying to focus on here is how to start a business.

It is one thing to blog, most people already know how to write about something but how do you make that into a business?

That is where the following 4 steps will help you see how blogging as a business can be done.

Get Proper Training

You can try to go blindly, make many mistakes and still succeed but wouldn't it be easier to learn from those already in the blogging business?

That is where having the proper training comes in handy. There are hundreds, no thousands...maybe millions of online training platforms that will tell you that their training is the best.

Some training will be free others will be asking for $$$ up front. Which training platform do you use?

Personally, I can only recommend one called ​Wealthy Affiliate.

There may be others out there that are better or cheaper, but after years of searching for this very subject, it was only by chance that I found this fantastic training platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only FREE to sign up and try; it is the only one I know of that has a whole community attached to provide technical support and encouragement no matter where you are in understanding of the online business.

They will take you from newbie to professional with web-hosting service, domain name registration, keyword search tools, live chat, a full course to help you along your journey and weekly webinars to name a few features.

You can check them out now by clicking here or wait until the end to click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Other sites that can provide some training resources include GoDaddy, Wix, and ClickBank.

Once you've signed up for a training platform and started your training on how to start a blogging business, you will need a website to practice posting your blogs.

That is where you will need to have what is called a Web-Hosting platform.

Host Your Website

To keep things simple we will only look at using web-hosting platforms to have your website seen on the internet. There other options where you can set up your webserver and network but that is a whole different technical ball-game that I have never ventured to figure out.

Think of  Website hosting the same as it is a magazine rack in a store. That rack will have many magazines stored there where people can access it at their leisure. It kinda works the same with your website needing a place to store your site so people can access it. Obviously, there are a lot more advantages with the internet where you can update and add content at any time, and you can have thousands of people look at your website at any given time.

Today there are many affordable and robust options available. 

If you have seen commercials for GoDaddy or Wix those are examples of 2 companies that provide website hosting.

One of the downfalls with those sites that I had seen when I used them is the fact that there are extra costs for every little feature you want to add.

When I used them as a newbie, the low monthly rates seemed reasonable until I started to understand how blogging and running an online business works. I would have to spend 2, 3 or 4 x more per month for just 1 website to have what I needed to run my online business.

Again that is where Wealthy Affiliate blows the competition away. If I were to use GoDaddy or Wix to host all my websites and use all the same tools, it would likely cost me hundreds if not in the thousands of dollars per month.

At Wealthy Affiliate, I only pay one flat fee, $49 US per month or you can pay yearly at a reduced rate. Everything you need to start and manage an online blogging business is all provided for that fee. 

Now before you host your site, you will need to figure out what you are going to write about so you can choose a name for your site and register your domain name.

Find Your Niche

Find Your Niche

Once you got your training and figured out where you want to host your site, you will need to decide what you are going to call your website. 

Then you will need to register that website's domain name. If I use the same analogy as the magazine rack, the domain name is similar to giving your magazine a unique name so people can differentiate your site from others. 

Domain name registration is a separate action. Due to specific laws, it needs to be registered, where you are the owner of it as long as you maintain the registration fees. You own it, so you can move it to any hosting site that you wish if you feel the current web-hosting site is no longer meeting your needs. 

You can register your domain directly from your chosen web hosting sites where the cost is about $12 to $13 per year.

When choosing a name for your site, it is recommended to select one that identifies the service or product you are writing about. Ideally, you want  .com and you will want it to be less than 3 words long without spaces or hyphens. 

Once you have your Domain / Niche name registered and publish your new website for the world to see you will need to start adding content to your site.

Provide Great Content

Again, similar to a magazine it's one thing to have a beautiful magazine cover and name but if there is nothing of value inside for the readers nobody will want to buy it or will never come back.

You will want to write content that is related to your niche and of value to your reader.

You will also need to remember that search engine sites will rank your site higher if you continuously provide rich and relevant information and interact with your readers with comment replies and social sharing.

Another thing to remember is that you want this to be a viable business so you will want to earn an income somehow.

Monetizing your site can be done in some ways, but the common is with advertising or earning a commission from sales.

You can read more about making a commission by learning about the 4 steps to Affiliate Marketing.


If you are new to the whole world of starting your own blogging business, all this information I provided may sound overwhelming.

You do not need to fear it. I too was a newbie to the world of having an online business just 2 years ago. 

Now I can write blogs and create websites for others all from the comfort of my home.

All it takes is the first step in taking action today.

Waiting and then waiting longer will keep you waiting as others move forward.

Over 2 years ago I took action by signing up for Wealthy Affiliate. You may decide to go with GoDaddy, Wix, or Shopify. It really doesn't matter which platform you decide is the right one for you as long as you choose one and go for it.

If you don't like that platform, then try another one but don't give up. To start a blogging business takes time to start seeing any's not a get rich quick scheme.

1-Start today by choosing your training platform

2-  Choose your Web Hosting site

3- Choose your niche and register your Domain name at

4-Start writing and publishing your content for your website

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