Stay Focused – The Key to Succeeding

Stay focused

One of the hardest challenges you will encounter as a network affiliate marketer is a thing that makes online marketing so profitable…the internet is full of Blue-bullseyedistractions.

These distractions hold true for home based jobs as well, otherwise, you will not meet your productivity goals and may lose your opportunity to continue working from home.
Every day when I start viewing my sites and stats, updating blogs, my status I find myself getting distracted by something.

I see while I am navigating through my sites and as I, research for more information.
I start off with a plan to keep motivated and stay focused on my tasks to update and improve my sites.
Then I see that my Facebook page had a comment or a like, so I check that out to send a response or thank you.
Then see an add for SEO that I have not seen before, of course, it would be neglectful of me not to check that out. As an online network affiliate, it is my duty to review these new tools for my audience.

I mean I wouldn’t be very helpful to my supporters if I don’t, right?

So I click the Ad against my inner voice of judgment, I land on a site that is your typical Ad laden site to all of the similar tools I’ve seen before.
Ok, now need to get to my updates, wait what is that, beautiful picture, clear crisp looking and moving.

Wow, I need a similar type of image to put on my website available.

I must check this out, and it could improve and bring some pop to my website. I click, look at all of these beautiful moving pictures.
Like a deer in headlights, I stare at all these breathtaking thumbnails, I can only imagine how awesome full size would look.

So many to choose from, I’ll just check out this excellent mountain view.

Wah, ok Paul, I think to myself. Just bookmark this for when you are doing your website updates.

Oh, look at that race car thumbnail. As you scroll through viewing multiple pictures, you’ve noticed you just spent about one hour just looking at beautiful pictures

Now I wouldn’t call this wasted time, as I potentially found a new tool to improve the look of my site.

The issue is during this time I have not completed the required tasks that are part of the core business to continue functioning.

So I decide I need to come up with a plan to avoid these distractions.

I develop a task list for me to follow, then indicate at the end of the list, once I complete my tasks, and then I get to go browsing online while using an egg timer to control my obsessive distraction behavior.

clipboard-311168_960_720My task list, from a newbie’s perspective, Start your Egg Timer

1-Keep computer offline, write my blog. Using ideas that you found from your last browsing time that you have at the end of your list.
2-Go to Wealthy Affiliate, do 30 minutes of training-no chatting, no searching updates.
3-Go to feedback /comments, pay it forward comments/feedback, then request same to your site
4-Check WA stats, referrals, any responses needed? Anybody, I can help?
5-Check your online social links, stay focused, share the newest blog that you made earlier.
6-Check your affiliates, did you make any money today?
7-Check analytics
8-Upgrade your sites according to analytic outcomes.
9-Browse internet, find topics for next blog.
10-return to step 1


pbworkfromhome author alternate
now going to step 2 of my tasks 😉

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