Top 13 Tattoo Tools For Home Business

Top 13 tattoo tools list that no tattoo artist should do without when managing their own tattoo shop.

1-Shader Tattoo Gun

Used for shading and adding pigment to a Tattoo

Mainly used for shading and adding pigment, this gun runs slower than a liner tattoo gun and has its needles placed in a straight line. This tattoo gun runs slower but tends to use more power.

 2-Liner Tattoo Gun

Used for outlining a Tattoo

Lighter than a shader gun, this tattoo gun uses fewer coils at faster speeds but uses less power. This gun is made mainly to outline a tattoo as it only uses 1 to 7 needles placed in a circle.

 3-Tattoo Machine Needles

Needles used in the Liner or Shader Tattoo Guns

Needles come in disposable or stainless steel reusable. The disposable tattoo needles are recommended for use in tattoo shops. Check your local public health agency to ensure your shop meets all health and safety requirements.

 4-Tattoo Machine Grips

Helps tattoo artists from getting hand cramps

Tattoo machine grips come in various sizes to customize to the artist’s preference.

5-Tattoo Ink

Ink to create the image is injected into the dermis of the skin

Non-Toxic or non-heavy metal tattoo ink is available as a substitute to those that may contain heavy minerals.

6-Tattoo Stencil Transfer

A sheet of paper for artists to draw an image and transfer onto a client’s skin.

7-Bacitracin Zinc

Ointment to apply post tattoo to avoid infections

8-Green Cleaning Soap

Pre-tattoo skin preparation, stencil application or cleaning post-tattoo

9-Ultrasonic Cleaner

Machine to sterilize tattoo equipment

10-Comfortable Seating

Longer chairs to keep tattoo client’s comfortable.

Also known as dentist chairs, they also help the artist to position clients for easier access by the artist.


LED lights offer bright white and low heat to see the true tattoo colors.

12-Surface protection and cleaning solutions

Keep work and customer surfaces clean and disinfected

13-Tattoo Shop Website

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How to start a Tattoo shop at home

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There you will find more detail on all the equipment and recommendations on health and safety, how to create a website to promote your business.

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**Always check your local public health agency to ensure your shop meets all health and safety requirements. This list is only to be used as a guide for entertainment use only and is in no way suggesting it meets or exceeds all health and safety requirements in your area.


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