Understanding Network Marketing

Can Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) really be considered one of the best work at home opportunities? You may be surprised by the answer. Most people will compare multi-level marketing vs pyramid schemes, another one of your common get rich quick scams.Meeting People

Surprisingly this is not the case for most MLM companies. Certainly, you have heard of companies like Avon and Amway, these 2 companies alone make over $20 Billion in sales each year.

Those kinds of numbers are hard to ignore, it tells me that these companies do make sales, but it also says that they have people selling. These people consist of moms, dads, and students like you and me.

Remember that these companies spend very little for advertising. They depend solely on their independent distributors or members to sell by word of mouth.

Unfortunately, the word of mouth part may be the reason so many people have a bad impression of MLM companies. You probably experienced this type of scenario, an old friend or acquaintance suddenly contacts you out of the blue and requests that you meet with them to talk about something very exciting they really want to share with you.

The red flags go up in your mind, but you are a good person, you keep an open mind and decide to go ahead with it.  Your friend provides a time and place to meet, and it turns out that it is indeed a meeting to present an MLM company product. This is the unfortunate issue with some MLM companies, they don’t provide proper training to their members on how to recruit new customers or members.

Mlm-softwareSome companies just want people to recruit as many people, as fast as they can. Then the new recruits are told to do the same using the misguided training from their recruiter, and the bad sales cycle continues. They only expect maybe 1 out of 100 to accept, that is a good sell to them, they just need to contact more people. The problem is they don’t care about the other 99 people that will go around telling their story about the bad experience they had with that company.

Companies like that usually don’t last, as word gets around of bad sales tactics, and if they can’t run proper training they likely don’t have good business practices in all the other areas.

Now this is not the case for all companies, again, if we look at Avon or Amway. They have been around for years and making strong sales. They provide their distributors with the tools and products to back them up. Sure you’ll have the occasional pushy distributor/salesperson, but they can be found in any type of business.

You may know some family or friends at some point in your life that sold for some type of MLM. Heck, you may have an aunt Betty, never worked a “day job” but113459781_778aa8b068_o is driving a pink Cadillac with Mary Kay written on the side.

Many people are successful MLM distributors, but it does not come easy for most people. Like any business, you have to work at it  to earn a living.

Don’t believe for a minute you can sign up, pay the membership fee and expect to sit back and watch the money flow in. If that is the case, then do not sign up to an MLM company.  Multi Level Marketing is not for everyone, but if you like to get out, prepare events or house parties and meet new people then an MLM may be right for you.

I personally chose not to get into an MLM, I prefer to work from home doing affiliate marketing. If it is not right for you, you can check out what I do as an alternate option.

You can visit my affiliate marketing platform, Wealthy Affiliate here ===>    It is FREE to sign up and you can start building your online business right away.

Bunch_of_blueberries,_one_unripeMy wife, on the other hand, has started her home based MLM business and loves it. She enjoys the challenge and meeting new people, it is really a great change from her day job and it is  a company that promotes better health. Her company provides their members with the products to live healthier and a compensation plan to become wealthy. I must say that my wife’s overall mental and physical state has improved tremendously since starting this business. We both agree that it may not only be the product helping, but the actual experience of starting her home based business that is providing her with new energy and vitality required to make this a success.

You can view my wife’s business site here ===> Start your journey to a healthy and wealthy lifestyle 

Update September 2016: My wife decided to quit the MLM business and has increased her involvement with affiliate marketing. If you want to find out more of wht she left the MLM business go ahead and check it out here==> Kyani Scam or legit

If you think Multi Level Marketing is something you would like to try, then do your homework before committing to anything, even if that great deal they are offering you expires by tomorrow. Sleep on it, talk it over with family and friends, and make sure they have an opt out, usually within 10 days of signing, a good company will provide you with a full money back guarantee.

For your research convenience, I’ve listed what I feel are some pros and cons to Multi Level marketing. I also created a list of questions you should have handy to ask during or after the presentation, you know the one your niece’s husband’s cousin’s little brother called you about.

Click here ======> to find my Pros and Cons list!

Questions to ask (Coming Soon)

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