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You see them all over on the television, on the internet, and on the streets, lakes or trails. Customized vehicles!  With the number of custom vehicles out there you know that this is a niche you can create a profitable home-based business customizing cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or anything else that can bring us from point A to Point B.

Custom vehicle home based business


Customizing vehicles will allow the small home based business owners to compete against large companies. Manufacturers are able to pump out high volumes of vehicles daily by sticking with some basic model variations. They all look the same if you squint your eyes a little, they basically add some pieces of extra plastic here and there to make you think you have an upgraded model.

Luckily for the small business owner, people like to have their own personality portrayed within their possessions. As seen on many reality TV shows or internet streams people are fascinated with seeing a basic vehicle model transformed into a one of a kind beast of a machine or have shiny bling-bling all over depending on the owner’s personality and taste.

So where do you start?

Business Plan!  That is right, if you are to start a business and want it to be successful, you need a business plan. Sure you can start really small and let it grow from there without a plan. If you do it that way, though, you may find yourself veering in all types and directions, dead end streets and extra costs that could have been avoided had you a business plan from the beginning.

The purpose of this blog is to help you consider whether you want to proceed to the stage of preparing a plan and will likely provide you with self-reflection for which direction you would like your business to go.

There are many tools available to help you prepare a business plan here.

What type of Customization can I do?

Now you are probably familiar with TV shows like American Choppers and Overhaulin that cover a vehicle customization from A to Z. They do a customization from the chassis, motor, wiring, exterior and interior details. It all looks great on TV starting from nothing or tearing down to nothing then rebuilding all within one hour. In reality, it takes a whole team of people with specific and awesome talent to pull off such a transformation.

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You would be better off to stick to one part of the transformation, such as the engine, or body work, or upholstery. The choices are endless, but it really comes down to what part or trade you are good at and enjoy doing. I always tell people when you are planning to start your own business, make sure it is something that you enjoy otherwise the adrenaline of starting a new business will fade and you will be left with a business that once again feels like a job.

The other part that will determine which type of customizing to do will depend if it is a trade that requires certification. Working on parts that may compromise its safety is not something you want to take lightly, it can cost someone’s life.

Time for one of my quick checklists

Things to consider when choosing a customization business:

  1. Do you have the talent to do an awesome custom job? Custom comes at a steep price and people want perfection.
  2. Are you certified to work on that part of the vehicle? make sure that you have all the proper certifications. Working on custom brakes, for instance, you would be required to be licensed as a certified brake technician.
  3. Do you have the appropriate insurance to work on vehicles at home? Check with your insurance broker.
  4. Can you legally work on vehicles from your home? Do you have the proper zoning? Check with your local county or municipality.
  5. Do you have the right space and equipment? Don’t forget Amazon have tools at the best prices delivered to your door.

How Do I Find Customers?

You have a few ways to attract customers to your business. The old fashion way is to go around to car, truck or boat shows and see if anybody is looking to get some work done on their vehicle. That approach can take time and you are probably approaching people not thinking to have work done on their vehicle. That means you would need to get through all of the purchasing stages to make a sell. If you read this blog about the customer purchase lifecycle, you will realize it can take up to 7 contacts with a potential customer to make that sale. If it takes that much effort you better hope that it is for a big profit.

Vehicle Customization BusinessYou can also create local ads, posters, and pamphlets to people in the region. The only problem with that type of advertisement is that you have to pay up front for the advertising without knowing if people are actually seeing it. local papers say that “x’ amount of people receive their paper but how do you know that all those people have turned to page 15 to see your ad?

Advertising online is by far the best way to advertise your business. No! It doesn’t mean that a person around the other side of the world will be ordering a new custom part from you. Well, it can if you want to, but the beauty about online advertising is that it can be focused on specific audiences in your region. You can also choose to which potential customer age, gender or you name it, you can be as specific as you like.

Then there is the cost, you can set it up so you only pay for those people that click on your ad. When they click the ad, the potential customer can be brought to your website. That is right your website!  Don’t be scared, building a website is easy, getting people to come see your website is the mystery part.

At least it used to be a mystery to me until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle, Carson and the rest of the team are amazing at providing all the information and tools you need to build and get people to visit your site, then convert them to paying customers. Who knows, you may want to do something totally different than customizing vehicles once you followed some of their training.

In Conclusion

Customizing vehicles such as car, truck, motorcycle or boat customizations can be a profitable and fulfilling business. I can’t stress enough the importance of preparing a business plan. Preparing a business plan is the key to a successful business of any kind. Not only will it flag all the steps you need to do to start your business such as ensuring you have all you certifications, zoning permits all in line, but it also prepares you for the paperwork part of running a business. Unless you are fortunate enough to afford to have someone help you with that part, doing this homework now will tell you if you are ready for such a business.

If you are interested in doing something a little less costly and invasive to your current life, then I would suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. You can check it out for free, if you like what you see, then you can choose to go premium and really get your online business going. it is through wealthy Affiliate that I built this and my other sites

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I always like the following quote to get me going on days I question if I should do something:

You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great!

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