VideoBlocks Review

VideoBlocks mission is to provide creative content that everyone can afford.

Do they fulfill their mission?

Let’s start with a brief description of their company and product. I’ll get to that answer a little further down.


Name: VideoBlocks

CEO: Joel Holland

Created: 2009

Mission Statement: To provide creative content that everyone can afford.

Product: Collection of over 2 million+ stock video, After Effects templates, and motion backgrounds.

Sister Sites: Storyblocks and AudioBlocks

Location: VideoBlocks Headquarters

10780 Parkridge Blvd., Suite 70
Reston, VA 20191
+1 (866) 282-5360

Featured as an Inc. 500 Company as #4 fastest growing media company


  • $99 / year Unlimited Member-  with access to 115, 000+ Unlimited Library Clips (LINK TO PROMO CODE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)
  • Access to 2 Million+ Marketplace Clips -fee per clip
  • 800,000+ HD and 4K Videos
  • $198 /year Premium Member – options available -with access to 4,000 4K videos from the Unlimited Library, add up to 5 additional users to your account, batch loading, direct download from Dropbox, priority support and custom signed license agreements.

Back to the question, do they live up to their mission statement?

The answer is a clear “Yes”!

This company was developed by real people wanting to help real people with limited budgets to put towards graphic design content.

The company and its mission were developed by Joel Holland.

He came up with the idea when he was still in HighSchool. When Joel and fellow students started a small TV show interviewing people to help kids figure out what they want to do with their lives they were lacking the resources and funds to make their show have the impact it needed. They had great interviews, even with an interview Arnold Schwarzenegger but couldn’t produce the videos with the graphics and sound punch to make their show stand out.

The stock video, audio, and graphics available at the time were overpriced. The price of the videos and their limited use were not accessible to create media to the standards they were capable of creating.

After HighSchool Joel took a year off before starting College to travel across the USA to capture stock clips and selling them on eBay.

This was the beginning of his Inc. 500 featured company.


Packages For Everyone

Whether you have a very limited budget such as a student, a hobbyist, a blogger, then the $99/year fee is an affordable option.

Keep in mind that all the footage you download to your computer you can use forever !

You can use the clips for pretty much anything as long as you edit the stock clip to make it your own. That is to say that you can edit the stock clip content to the point that it doesn’t look like the original content and you can’t sell the stock clips directly as a third party vendor.

There is a good reason for having to edit the clips. As a blogger, it is hard to find free / royalty free clips that are original. When researching, I will see many sites using the same stock clips, it makes their site look unoriginal.

Editing the clips to make them your own is the way that VideoBlocks can allow unlimited access to their stock forever.

Should you buy it?

I say “Yes”!

If you are someone that is constantly searching the internet, using a number of different sites that claim they have content that is free to use but can never find an original clip to meet your needs…then VideoBlocks is for you.

One of the advantages of VideoBlocks is the confidence you can have that the clips are original, no false claims of royalty-free content.

Beware of other “Free” sites that list clips as royalty free…only to find out that they were just pirated from the internet. Then you are left holding the evidence sort of speak with the pirated clips on your website.

VideoBlocks clips are original and royalty free without a doubt. Need a custom license agreement for the clips you are using, then they can provide that as well when you become a Premium member.

I prefer to use the entry-level $149/year unlimited package for my everyday use. It has more than enough content for my needs at this time. I certainly would love to increase my business to the point of buying into the higher level or using the pay per clip inventory but for now the unlimited suites me just fine.

Using the VideoBlock clips with Adobe Creative Cloud is a sure win combination. Although Adobe also offers stock clips that seamlessly integrate with the graphic design platform, the cost is just out of my reach at this time.

My Score



  • Good variety of stock for the basic ‘Unlimited” package
  • Price is unbeatable, $149 / year is the price for 5 to 10 stock clips you would pay on other royalty free stock sites like ShutterStock or you have monthly limits if you pay for a monthly membership. VideoBlocks have no limits to how many you can download in 1 month.
  • Easy to use search and download features


  • Price for the “Pay per Clip”. Although they are on par with other stock graphic clip sites, of course, I would prefer to see them cheaper.

I used to be able to offer a promo code for a $99 / year rate but since they rearranged and renamed to Storyblocks Videoblocks that promo code no longer appears to be available.

VideoBlocks Promo Code Link No Longer available 🙁

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