Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder Answers Questions Live!

There is something incredible about an online web-hosting and training platform when one of its creators sits on the hot seat to answer member questions live during a webinar.

Most web-hosting sites like WIX have their creators hide behind a virtual wall of client support services that may or may not be an actual employee of that company.

Many online companies outsource their support to third party companies that have little interest in the concerns the paying members are having issues with.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders are There to Help!Kyle Profile

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has a whole different way of doing business.

You can read one of my early reviews on the platform by clicking here, but today I want to highlight another area that wasn’t fully described in that review.

I have now been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 18 months.

It still amazes me, after 18 months of being a member how much the founders of WA, Kyle, and Carson, are constantly involved with the day to day business within the platform.

The other day I was having an issue with viewing one of the pages on their site. I sent a support ticket for assistance.

With most other web-hosting sites I may have received a response from some random support service employee.

That is not the case at WA. No other than Kyle himself jumps into the driver’s seat to try and figure out the issue.

Turned out that the issue appears to be only on my browser, which I was not surprised as my Chrome browser has been acting up and I was able to resolve the issue by using my Explorer browser.

Kyle didn’t leave it at that, a few days later he replied again stating he has tried various scenarios but has yet been able to replicate my issue as to find a resolution.

He was empathetic and personal in his response.

He went on to say that he may change the page’s method of loading that he felt was a little outdated anyhow so I should be seeing some improvements soon.

Set Things Straight

Another unique method of interaction by the founders is the impromptu inclusion with the live chat discussions.

Many times I will see a live chat discussion at WA (not a feature available within other web-hosting platforms) where Kyle, Carson or Jay will pop into the conversation to clarify some misconceptions about any given topic.

You will see them moderate the discussions to ensure that new WA members with little experience are not giving incorrect information to newer members. Many times it is just a matter to direct those new members to specific training that is already available to them within the WA platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Founder in The Hot Seat!

Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder Webinar Intro Picture

Recently Co-Founder Kyle put himself in the hot seat to answer any question that Wealthy Affiliate members wanted to ask.

Kyle hosted the live webinar allowing members access to his 10+ years of successful online business experience.

He clearly knows the business and knows what it takes to make it successful.

Sometimes the truth lands on deaf ears but if members are willing to listen and put his suggestions into action they have the recipe for a successful online business.

If you become a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate you have access to weekly webinars along with all the incomparable support services available.

Kyle has hundreds of videos and training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out Kyle’s First Live Class by Clicking Watch Now Below!

Kyle's Very First Live Webinar Link

You can also choose Wix
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Or you can Choose GoDaddy

…but My #1 Recommended site will always be Wealthy Affiliate

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Paul from pbworkfromhome author


2 comments on “Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder Answers Questions Live!
  1. Steen says:

    Hi Paul and Brenda!

    I have several websites that I have created over the years.

    So I also worked with WordPress before I heard about Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

    I must also say that I too work from home full time.

    Since I’ve started at WA I have a completely different approach to working with websites with creating good text and video content.

    WA taught me so much more than I ever have over all my years creating other websites on my own…or I should say tried to create.

    I have also met Kyle on several occasions in the live chat at WA and he has certainly helped me with providing me with some valuable information.

    I have a question which you might answer.

    Do you think while using WA that anyone can build a business from their computer?


    • Paul says:

      Hi Steen,

      Great story! Like me it sounds like you also knew there was a way to earn an income online but just didnèt know where to start other than creating a website.

      To answer your question, there is no doubt anybody can build a business from their computer using the training, tools and support available at Wealthy Affiliate.

      That is why it is My #1 Recommended website hosting platform.

      You can still build great looking websites at places like Wix and GoDaddy…but I feel that nothing compares to the information and support available at WA.



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