What Causes Carbon Footprint Reduction?

Working from home is one of the ways to lower your carbon footprint.  What does carbon footprint mean? What does it mean to be green? To be green or have a reduced carbon footprint can mean different things to different people. On one end of the spectrum, some will say it means moving into an underground den and live off of berries and bugs. On the other end of the spectrum, some people will feel that buying a mid-size SUV instead of a full-size SUV is being green.light-bulb-984551_1920

Now, this may not be a subject of concern to all of you reading this, but it does have an impact on various levels when considering to work from home, either with your business or job.

I personally do believe we all need to take responsibility in trying to decrease our carbon footprint. Whether it be that you decide to move into a cabin in the woods or buy that smaller SUV every little step in a leaner resource consumption the better.

What does this have to do with starting a home-based business or home-based job?

The answer is that working from home can help decrease your carbon footprint and as a bonus, you may have some financial gains in the form of savings or government grants.

It’s a win /win for everyone!

Lower Carbon Footprint

Why not calculate your current carbon footprint as a baseline. Then go back to see what it would be if you were to work from home. Be sure to check out the results tab to compare yourself to your country and the world target.

Financial Savings and Grants

When I switched from working in an office to working from home I ended up saving over $200 /mth on fuel alone, another $100 saving from parking pass, and approx. savings of $200-$300 from not eating out at lunch, buying coffee or snacks and extra shopping during lunch breaks. That was a total saving of $500-$600 /month right there.

Then my 2 boys were still in daycare, but with me working from home we were able to cut that out sooner than planned, saving an additional $800 / mth.

Total savings of $1300-$1400 /mth, doing the same job!   Go ahead, and figure how much you can save. You may be surprised how much you will save, maybe even more. 

List of things to consider:

  • Car, cut down on gas, or maybe even cut down to one car- 1 less payment?  1 car less to insure? 1 less to maintain – tire wear, muffler, oil changes?
  • Do you eat out for lunch/breaks? Buy a coffee or other snacks/drinks during work?
  • Can you save on daycare? No more need for housekeepers?
  • Save on groceries and fast foods as you are no longer rushing to cook and eat before having to care for children or attend to activities after work.
  • Healthier lifestyle, eat better as you have time to cook better meals. Better Work  / Life Balance!


From a company and organization perspective, they can cut down on office space, sublet space and also apply for government grants for encouraging and supporting a work from home program. Everybody is happy! Some companies or organizations may not be aware of all the benefits, which brings up the importance to write a request for proposal.

You can read more about that here ===> How to Write a Request for Proposal

More Time To Be With Family and Free Time For Yourself!

One of the most important benefits is the increased time you can have with family and friends. Cutting down on the time commuting to work and back, not having to bring and pick up the children from daycare provided me with HOURS of extra time to be with family, run errands or just get to do those things I always wanted to try.

So why not be green, save the planet, help your business, and have that balanced lifestyle you deserve!

Still not sure what home-based business or job you would like to do?

I decided to work from home with my regular day job, I wrote a request for proposal, which my organization acknowledged that lead me to pilot working from home, and now fully working from home. I also started a business as an Affiliate Marketer. I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate and never looked back!

You can check out my other pages for a list of options that may work for you:

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