What Do I Need to Know to Start an Online Business?

Stay in one lane!

Starting up online business? This can be an exciting adventure. If you are new to learning steps to building online business and you sign  up to great web building sites like Wealthy Affiliate (WA), it’s hard not to try and do everything at the same time.

Here is my advice, from somebody that has been there – done that! Stay in one lane! Choose a niche and put all your  energy in that niche. As they will tell you in the WA training, write your content, don’t worry how it looks.

If you don’t follow the training and support provided you may end up looking like this guy below.

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You can clean up your site later. First build your foundation.

First build your foundation, just choose a template that you think will fit your needs. Follow the basic setup steps required to get your site up and  running safely.

That’s it!  Don’t do any more tweaking, moving stuff, checking out plugins, as these are all distracting you from doing the real work that will bring traffic to your site.

Your content is what will bring people to your site. The content of your blogs, if done properly will also keep people interested in your site and have them coming back to see more.

Another way area where you must stay in one lane is to avoid the temptation to start too many sites at once.

As mentioned earlier, choose one  niche and focus on that one, and write, write, write!

Do not try to start a number of sites at once!

The mistake I made was trying to start 3 sites at once. Hey, I had some great ideas, should be easy to just do the same thing for the other sites, just different topics, Right!?

Well did I ever land on my hind quarters quick and hard!

Trying to write the content required for three sites at the same was just plain stupid.

What was I thinking?

I think it was just the eagerness to succeed in this new journey I was embarking. Seeing other already succeeding, and profiting from their sites, yes sites. I would see people with 2, 3 or more sites and succeeding. What I avoided to realize, is that they built these sites one at a time, over time and with lots of work.

To summarizeStartmyonlinebusiness copy

  • Stay in one lane  otherwise, you may end up like that guy in the lineup above
  • Follow the training and support of your members within your web builder platform. Your platform does not have training or support? I suggest  Wealthy Affiliate. Why? You can read my review here ===> WA Review or try it out for free here ===> Wealthy Affiliate
  • Stick to one niche topic!  Keep your other great ideas for later, until you have at least 50-60 blogs on  your first niche.
  • One niche = one site!  Keep your website content, links and ads pertinent to your specific niche.
  • Start with one website, as listed above keep your other ideas for later. Once your first site is up and running, then you may contemplate starting aa second site with a different niche.


I hope you find this information helpful. All of this information and more is discussed in further detail here=====>in my #1 recommended website building platform.

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