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What Does a Retail Merchandiser do?

You may be asking what all this about retail merchandising? Retail Merchandiser description

Or maybe you are wondering what a retail merchandiser does and why is it becoming so popular?

Well, I did describe the role a little more on another blog of mine called “How to Become a Retail Merchandiser”.

Let us start with the general description of the retail merchandiser’s purpose.

What does a Retail Merchandiser Do?

A retail merchandiser is tasked to ensure that a product is represented appropriately to the right customer at the right time to entice a consumer on purchasing a specific product for a given price.

So basically, they are making sure that a company’s product is in the right place, at the right time with the right price displayed.

Why Now?

It is not a new role or position.

It evolved from the basic store stock person. Where a store employee is tasked to go to the back of the store, get boxes of various products and make sure the store shelves stay filled.

The stock person role continues to exist, especially in stores where large volumes of products are being moved in a given day.

Stock Worker VS Retail Merchandiser

The stock worker, a store employee, in general, does not have any special interest in how any given product is displayed.

Their role is only to ensure the shelves are full, kept clean and organized when someone comes along to a specific area in the store.

The retail merchandiser has a specific interest in the product being displayed. They are hired by a given product company to ensure their product is being represented appropriately in all the stores that carry their product. Their product may be in specialty or general product stores.

They are hired by a given product company to ensure their product is being represented appropriately in all the stores that carry their product. Their product may be in specialty or general product stores.

Some retail merchandisers offer increased support from the described role of ensuring the product is being displayed as the company wants it to providing design and store layout configurations.

The retail merchandiser has the advantage of traveling to and from various types of stores and seeing what the competition is doing in each store or region.

This provides the retail merchandiser great insight on how to promote products for their respective companies. This why we are now seeing larger retail merchandising companies provide a broader range of services that now include various design and marketing services.

This why we are now seeing larger retail merchandising companies provide a broader range of services that now include various design and marketing services.

Future of the Retail Merchandiser

The role of the retail merchandising industry is only going to continue growing.

Now with our global population of over 7 Billion people, you will an see increased number of companies looking at beating out the competition and having a retail merchandiser with a constant ear to the ground can give them that extra competitive edge.

Learn more about how to start a retail merchandising business and what tools you will need by clicking here for my Work From Home Business page. 
If you prefer to just find a job in that field the check out my Job Search Page by CLICKING HERE!

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  • Dominic says:

    Hi Paul

    Interesting article, as a shopper I never really think about how much work goes in presenting a product for sale.

    As you say this is not a new job but I was wondering, given that so much commerce takes place on the internet now, is there a retail merchandiser job equivalent in the online world?

    I imagine that companies selling online may need a similar sort of service?



    • Paul says:

      Hey Dom,

      Oh the online marketing…that is a whole other beast!

      The closest thing to retail merchandising in the online world would probably be Affiliate Marketing.

      Companies screen online bloggers or website owners to see if their website fits well in representing their product before allowing them to be hosted or presented on their website.

      Instead of companies having to hire workers to ensure products are displayed properly, the online affiliate marketer has to convince the company they will represent their product properly and then they only need to pay the affiliate if they make a sale. So it is somewhat a combination role of merchandiser and sales rep all rolled into one.



  • Brendon says:

    In the past I have had that job as the stock man at a local hardware store, and I never gave much thought on product placement, as you said I just kept the shelves full.
    Then I was given the responsibility to put in the thought of drawing customer attention to those products, and that gave me a new lease on my time working for that hardware store.
    Now I am into this world of affiliate marketing and I see the importance of the merchandiser even more. Your article has opened my eyes a bit, any ideas on where I can better learn the overall process for my new website business?

    • Paul says:

      I have seen many online sites that say they can help you with your online business. You can also go to Wix or GoDaddy to create a beautiful website and read their blogs. The online site that truly stands out for me is Wealthy Affiliate! It has taught me so much about how not only affiliate marketing but every aspect of building an online business. I recommend anybody who is really interested in running an online business to go sign up for their free membership to see and try it out themselves.



  • Brian says:

    I’ve heard the term retail merchandiser before, but never truly understood what it meant until now.

    Basically, if a retail merchandiser is focused on stores, it can also be a person who does the same online. I like that concept and it makes sense.

    Thanks for explaining the concept. It starts to get me thinking of how I can do it.

    • Paul says:

      That is great to hear! Retail Merchandising services are one of those hidden services that are required but very little people realize exists.

      Personally, I would not work for a merchandising company as they will not pay you as much compared to having your own business and they will likely send you out to cover huge regions meaning ++ travelling away from home.

      We were able to make our own hours, decide on how many stores we wanted or could cover and what rate. This was before the internet was as common place as today. With the current internet state and the information available from Wealthy Affiliate our business would have looked a whole lot different and profitable today.

  • Sameer khan says:

    This is really a great information about  Retail Merchandising. 

    You have explained it very well.

    I can’t believe I didn’t about this earlier but I would like to ask what is the best option for me if I have little investment?

    I think retail merchandising would require a descent investment to get started.

    I would like to start a business but worry that a retail merchandising business may require too high of an initial investment.

    What type of investment would be required for a retail merchandising business or how much would it cost with your current online business?

    • Paul says:

      I guess it depends what you consider a high investment cost. 

      Some may say anything over $0 is too much where others may consider investing over a few thousand dollars.

      Either way both the retail merchandising business and the online business can be started with as little as $0 of investment.

      As you probably read in this blog, we were able to start our retail merchandising business with no investment other than the use of our vehicle and some cleaning and fixing tools we already had on hand. 

      The display or point of sale products were provided by the company we represented. 

      As for the online business, we started out with a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate (WA). We followed the beginner’s training and built 2 free websites. 

      WA provided us with a good start with their free membership and we saw the potential of having an online business.

      It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of work before we started seeing an income. 

      This is something you will learn through WA. Creating a successful online business is not like one of those sites that suggest you can make easy money quick with a small upfront investment.

      Wealthy Affiliate takes the time to go through many details to ensure you cover everything you need to know about online marketing and affiliate marketing.

      After taking the beginners training for free and saw the potential we decided to go premium which you can pay monthly or go yearly. They even allow you to sign up premium for half price the first month so if you decide it is not for you you can just cancel your membership at any time.

      That is where we bought in. After trying the premium for a month we kept going and never looked back, now starting our 3rd year at WA.

      We are not only created our own niche websites but we are creating and managing websites for others for a fee.

      The possibilities for a successful online business is only limited by your imagination. The reason we decided to stick with an online business is the fact we can work from home or even anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

      You can read more about our story and how online marketing works by reading my blog called “4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing”. 



  • Lorrie says:

    This is really good information! I once worked as a merchandiser and I found it to be a fun part time job. All of the duties you described were right on point. In some locations it was a breeze because they maintained the product stock and displays, but in others, it was a process because the care and maintenance was simply not there.

    It’s a job where you have to be pleasant and professional at all times. You encounter so many personalities and at times, management teams that don’t really want you around (for fear that you’re possibly reporting that they are not really supporting the brand).

    My job also included taking before and after photos on every visit. Do you find that has become a requirement for most merchandising jobs?

    • Paul says:

      At the time we were managing our merchandising business it wasn’t a requirement as digital technology wasn’t as accessible as it is today. We were expected to have a store manager sign our form to indicate that the work was done and then we sent the form in to the companies we represented with our bill. 

      I can see taking before and after pictures being the trend now so that we don’t need to track down a manager for a signature. It was a real hassle sometimes as many managers did not want to take responsibility for our work.

      It was a great experience as you mentioned. Mostly all good but some less desirable. I guess we have to take the good with the bad with any job or business we run.

      I really enjoy what I do now, Affiliate Marketing provides so many possibilities and I know that it is something I will do for a very long time. 


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