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What is a Free SSL Certificate?

Free SSL at Wealthy Affiliate featureWouldn’t you know it! Just when we believe Wealthy Affiliate (WA) cannot improve it pulls out all the stops and gave its members free SSL hosting.

Whaaat!!!  Most Wealthy Affiliate members were asking,”What is a free SSL certificate?”

WA members have come accustomed to the list of exceptional resources and tools they provide their members.

Adding something called SSL doesn’t sound like anything of great importance. Just some techy lingo for something that is supposed to help your website.

Once you understand how SSL certification works and what it would have cost to set up through other web-hosting sites, you can be assured there will be a greater appreciation for Wealthy Affiliate’s services members receive for their monthly membership fee.

Let us look at some SSL pricing comparisons.

Wealthy Affiliate provides SSL Certificate FREE for Premium members. (Full Wealthy Affiliate Premium Fees and features listed at the bottom of this page)

Huge web-hosting sites like WIX currently don’t  provide an option to add SSL; then there is GoDaddy that currently charge an…As Low As the first-year price of C$73.99/year per website, C$195.99/ year for up to 5 websites and then a whopping…C$391.99/year for one website and all of its subdomains. That is all on top of all their other fees such as monthly hosting fees, domain names and Whoisguard per website.

So what is the big deal about free SSL hosting?

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) adds an extra layer of security to your website. It is a Secure Certificate so that data is encrypted as it is transferred from a user’s browser to the hosting servers.

In simple terms, the extra security works like a private room.

Let’s say the Internet is like a waiting room at a bank. Accessing the internet, in general,  is not secure. Accessing bank information on the internet without SSL  is similar to you entering the bank’s waiting room, you go to reception and you say your account numbers, balances, address, passwords, and pin numbers out loud for all those sitting in the waiting room to hear.

You can imagine the chances of your information being intercepted and used for unlawful purposes would be pretty high.

Now add SSL, same scene, you enter the bank’s waiting room, but instead of providing all your information out loud, the receptionist provides you with a key to a private room. The key and room security are verified by a third party agency that has no idea why you are going to the room. They verify the key and security of the bank receptionist for the same room, again not having any idea or information for the reason they are using the room.  Once in the room, you and the bank receptionist can discuss all banking matters in complete security. I may be aging myself here but it is like using ‘Get Smart’s” cone of silence. Once complete and you leave the room, the key and room are destroyed.

A website with an SSL certificate allows all your interactions with that website to be encrypted.

Here is the best visual interpretation I can provide

SSL and how it works

Any other advantages?

Having a secure link with your readers or customers is not the only advantage.

On the side of SEO, it is generally seen that a site with an SSL certification rank better in search engines compared to sites without an SSL certification.

Google will not state that having an SSL will help or lower your site ranking if you switch over to an HTTPS:// site as they need to cover themselves from liability should a site not perform the way they feel it would likely perform…and they do not want to divulge any information that may provide how their search engine algorithms work.

One thing to keep in mind is that your site will likely rank better than your nearest non-secure website. If you are head to head with a competing website and you switch to Https:// the search engine will likely put your site ahead of the non-secure site as a preferred site with additional security for the end user.

How do I switch to an SSL Certified Site?

Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) makes this job Super Easy!

At WA it is as easy as 1 click of a button simply called SitePlus+. Want to revert back to non-secure? Click the undo button…Done!

Other web-hosting sites require you to go through a number of steps and hoops to get your site changed over to https://

At WA, they believe in simplicity and integration of services.

Nathaniel, a longtime member at WA was kind enough to create this VIDEO showing the difference between a non-WA site and the 1 click process at WA.

SitePlus+ free SSL

Time for a recap about what is the big deal about a free SSL certificate available at WA.

-Free with a Wealthy Affiliate Membership

-Provide a secure exchange with your readers and/or customers

-Improve SEO ranking

-One button SSL Certification

Wealthy Affiliate had already sold itself with its loads of training, support, and services.

Now with free SSL hosting, It is no wonder I give it 5 out 5 Stars.

WA Five Star



You can get free SSL along with an immeasurable amount of training, support, and services as listed below for 1 monthly fee. The monthly fee at WA can be compared to hosting just one non-secure web site at other web-hosting sites.

Give it a try, sign up for free, no credit information required and I will see you in there. You can ask me a question as I am there daily.



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and remember…You don’t have to be great to start but you need to start to be great!

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