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What Should I Do With My Life?

I was just sitting down watching television, Animal Planet to be precise.

I thought to myself, I need a hobby!! What should I do with my life? Lol.

Like many of you, I spend a lot of my time on Facebook and other social media sites, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

There is so much information out there to be absorbing and sharing, right?

So I thought to myself, might as well join them….

Don’t get me wrong, writing is definitely not my forte, but for those who know me, I do like to talk, so….why not write down my thoughts, in hopes that they may be interesting to others.

My husband is lucky enough to work from home.

I, on the other hand, have to brave the early winter mornings and commute to get to my office building desk job.

Not quite the dream job I wished for myself, but I do consider myself lucky to have something that helps pay the bills and allows us to enjoy the activities we love to do.

So many times I catch myself thinking “what will I do when I grow up”?


I am 45 going on 46 and I still don’t have the answer….

Thought about working from home, but what to do?

I tried the MLM thing, but that didn’t last.Kyani Scam or Legit Opportunity Feature

See, you need to have a special personality to succeed in the MLM world…I learned pretty fast that I clearly do not possess this particular skill!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets at all.

Trying an MLM business allowed me to venture out of my comfort zone.

I learned so so much from that experience.

I made new contacts and still help finance some of my friends’ businesses who are actually succeeding in this way of life.

I envy them for this, and am very proud of what they are accomplishing for themselves!! However, yet again, I am back

However, yet again, I am back to the drawing board.

Trying to figure out my place in this world.

I do believe life is full of possibilities….just need to be patient and wait for the right opportunity!

Anything is better than sitting and watching television shows on things that I am really not all that interested in.

We get sucked into a vortex of empty visual and audible calories as it consumes our time.

That time can never be taken back.

The realization that new things do not just present themselves has arrived.

It is time to take action and be in the driver seat.

No more falling asleep on the side of the street, only waiting to accept any next ride that happens to stop.sleep while blogging

It is time to stop the ride that YOU see and want!

They may say no thank you, not interested…or leave me alone you freak!

That is no reason to stop.

You must not let pride get in your way.

Just imagine yourself starving.

Starving for a better lifestyle.

You don’t necessarily want to become rich but you do want have a lifestyle with flexibility to spend quality time with your family and friends.

That is why I decided to help out my husband with his blogging and online business.

It is amazing to see how many people make a comfortable living with blogging and affiliate marketing.

My husband always writes and quotes about how you don’t have to be great to start, but you do need to start to be great.

I have decided to follow that path and increase my involvement with the online business.

You can too!

I was amazed at all the information, training and support is available at Wealthy Affiliate.

My husband never stops talking about what he has learned each day.

How Kyle and Carson are proud parents and enjoy the affiliate marketing business which allows them to spend quality time with their families.

We encourage everyone to give Wealthy Affiliate a try for free by clicking here or the banner below.

If you don’t like it no harm done, just walk away. No need to cancel subscriptions as no credit information required.

If you don’t care for Wealthy Affiliate, which is our #1 Recommended web-hosting and training platform then feel free to try out Wix or GoDaddy.

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I believe in you!

Start today!

Have a question or comment please place them below. We would love to hear from you.


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  • LeslieKLC says:

    Hello, I am fortunate to be a new member at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) myself. Actually, I want to improve my English and do some useful things on the internet so I joined WA. I know that I have to work at it and in time I will get paid for what I do online. Please keep warm and see you at the success line in the future together.

  • Arline says:

    Hi Brenda, (and Paul)

    Nice article, I’ve come to a point in my life too that I have asked that question. I said to myself I’ve reached this age (although I wanna believe that I am still young, LOL) and I can’t say that I am really “successful”. I’ve been wanting to start an online business about few years ago I guess but I was procrastinating. I’ve started writing a blog since 2013 but I never really bothered to learn how to monetized it. I knew it is possible based on the information I read or emails I’ve received from people who have been successful in it but I thought it was hard. I’ve bought some programs and books about it too, started but never finished. Now, I am determined. I came across WA when I was looking for a review of DA which requires me to pay a lot of money. And that was the turning point. Gone premium even during the first day. I am still every now and then “lazy” but what drives me to go on is the thought of working until my retirement age just like my husband. I said I can’t allow that so might as well learn everything there is to learn because in the long run it will pay off. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform which should be chosen by everyone who wanted to learn about Affiliate Marketing.

    I wish you and Paul more success. I hope I didn’t say a lot. 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Arline 🙂

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Arline,
      Paul and I know how you feel. Before we joined Wealthy Affiliate, we too found some information here and there but never had the true answer on how to monetize a website or a blog. Until Paul found Wealthy Affiliate while researching about Kyani, an MLM company that I signed up to at the time. We were so impressed with what Wealthy Affiliate had to offer and they didn’t keep any secrets even as a free member. It didn’t take long for us to decide and go premium as well. We are going on our third year now and we have no plans on quitting. Like you, we hope that this will be a different means of income for an early retirement. We also get lazy sometimes and don’t put in the time it takes for our online business and we see our progress slow down when we get lazy. We continue to see increased traffic and interaction to our sites but still not to the level we would like to see it. The encouraging thing about blogging is that it not only helps people, who are looking for help, not like MLMs where you need to push products or ideas onto people, but it also lets us earn an income while helping.
      I wish you the best of success.

  • Brandy says:

    Your site is very informative and filled with great stuff that I will be referring back to I am sure in the future. Keep up the good work.

    • Brenda says:

      You are very welcome. I am pleased that you found the site informative and helpful. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
      I believe in you.

  • Jill says:

    Hi Brenda, It was so interesting to read all the things you have tried. Working from home is not for everyone. It has taken me many years to find Affiliate Marketing and I wish it had happened earlier.

    The most important thing is to find what suits you and your personality for you to be happy. Coming from a hot country, I can’t imagine what it must be like to stand in the freezing snow waiting for a ride to get to work. All strength to you.

    May you and Paul both enjoy your working careers and find fulfillment in what you do.

    Kind regards, Jill

    • Brenda says:

      Thank you, Jill.
      It really isn’t fun waiting out in the cold, covered head to toe with only little openings for the eyes and nose for breathing. Makes us appreciate the spring, summer, and fall that much more. It is our goal to have our online business running to the point we can work at it from anywhere in the world. Which may let us go south for most of the winter. Working online is a way to earn an income without having to go out an harass people to buy a product. People that come to our sites are looking for what we are providing and that makes us feel good when we help our audience.
      Brenda 🙂

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