Why I chose Wealthy Affiliate over Wix and GoDaddy

So people ask me, “Paul,  why did you choose Wealthy Affiliate over sites like Wix or GoDaddy to start your online business?”  I look back at them, take a deep breath to hold back my enthusiasm for this subject, and I ask them “How much time do you have?”


I’ll do my best to compare the three services starting with Wix. I explain my experience looking at Wix as an option. The first thing I did not like, I had to sign in to see anything their service has to offer. Any link on the front page that you click asks you to sign up a new account or sign in through Google+ or Facebook account. Allowing them access to your email and profile information to proceed. I am not a fan of these type of sites, and it says to me if you don’t like us sharing your information, then leave. Typically I would leave these type of sites, but in the interest of looking at it as an option to start my online business, I sign in with my G+ account. Once signed in, I can view the different templates and services it has to offer. There are many templates to choose from, various hosting and domain name registration plans with a good variety of add-ons for the website you build. They offer support in the way of step by step tutorials, FAQs or option to ask Wix for support. All in all not a bad service and I like the look of their templates. I’m a sucker for big colorful images, even more so for moving images. I’m attracted to these moving images like a moth is attracted to the light. So I keep Wix on my short list as the pricing does look affordable.
godaddyNext I check out GoDaddy. Good start, no need to sign in to view their content. GoDaddy contains all the tools required to start your website. The list is quite complete with domain services, website building tools or templates including WordPress,  hosting, web security, online marketing and email services. Impressive, so how do we use all this stuff, what does it all mean? Ok, so they do have step by step instructions as well, comparable to Wix. Pricing looks reasonable until I start looking at some of the options, extra monthly fee here, another monthly fee there. The,” As low as,” price is very basic package. There are many upsells required to get an actual business site up and running. Going through all the options, I lost count how much it would cost for me to start an online business, such as adding an online store. They have a free trial but then $37.99 after that, and will this meet all my needs, or do I need more upsell add-ons? I kept this on my short list as well as it did appear to have everything, but the prices are of concern for me.

Then I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate (WA)when I wasn’t even in search of WA logoanother online website service. You can read about how I found Wealthy Affiliate in my post Called How to earn extra money online.”  With WA, it was a winner in books right away. I was pleased to see I could view information about their site without signing in. Then they also provided a free membership with access to a limited amount of tools they have. Some of those tools expire after a few days, but they allow you to stay on as a free member indefinitely, with enough tools to build and host two websites, for FREE. That wasn’t all, the thing that made WA stand out from the rest of the website brands is their robust education program and support network. They have years, over a decade to build their library of resources and courses to teach you how to create your online business.  Then you have the support of thousands of members at different stages of learning to excellent mentors at no additional cost. If you have a question, just ask it. Within seconds, I mean seconds you will have responses from people all eager to help out with various viewpoints and experiences. It is not just website hosting platform, it is a culture, it is a University. All packaged under one price.

In conclusion, the reason I choose Wealthy Affiliate over Wix, GoDaddy or any other website services is mainly due to the training and support from the WA community. You just don’t get the same feeling of belonging to a community with the other services. If I were to compare Wealthy Affiliate with the others, I would say the other website services (Wix, GoDaddy) are like a library. You can access all their resources, and put a request into the librarian to help when they can get to you, but you also need to pay extra for each book you take out.  Wealthy Affiliate is like attending College/University on a full scholarship. You have access to the library, classes, lectures, special events, heck even the lunch room and have the ability to discuss any topic you wish with any or all of the students and professors in a virtual atrium.

Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down in my view. Don’t need to believe me, go ahead and check it out, it is free. You can create a profitable business with their free content, but it would be like take an economy car. If you want to build your business with ease, go premium and it will feel more like a limousine ride.

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