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Ever wonder how you can start your very own business venture so you can achieve financial freedom, not having to rely on working for someone else?  Wanting toEarn-money-with-Google be free of early weekday mornings to make that someone rich?    I know I do.  I think most of us do, from time to time, but then reality sets in (mortgage payments, bills, family activities, birthday gifts…., etc.) and you simply brush the idea off so you can be a “responsible person” and do the “right thing”…..Life is short!  We should all be living the dream….feel passionate about what we do, day in and day out!  Achieving this dream is possible…you just need to trust and jump in!!

When I say “jump in,” I mean, don’t be afraid to try something new.  The fear of the unknown is real, and we need to learn to be able to get past that fear, as what’s more exciting than living your very own real mystery?  When you go on Netflix, and pick a movie with your spouse/partner/family, most times you will pick an action flick, one with mystery….why?  Because it is exciting!!! You put yourself in the actor’s shoes while viewing it and living vicariously through he/she, via the television screen.

bankheistFor example, imagine a scene where there is a bank heist in progress and the cops have surrounded the building….the main character is a well-known millionaire and held hostage inside the bank and the criminals involved have no clue (as of yet) who this man is.  They have weapons and are not afraid to use them…the camera shot is now on the outside building where the police are planning their next steps, when suddenly……shots are fired, and everything turns into a war zone!!!!  Did I get your imagination going??  Did I stir a little bit of thrill in you as I painted the picture?  Ok, ok, I know I am not a skilled movie writer, but just wanted to give you an idea about how you feel whenever the unknown shows up and finally presents itself to you for you to acknowledge.

When you decide to go for your dream, you are putting your trust in the unknown….you are acknowledging it.  You are ready to reach out and let yourself be led towards what could very well be, THE best decision of your life!  Congratulations!  You should be proud of yourself!  You have given yourself the will to TRY.  Whatever the outcome, you will learn from it….you will grow from it….you will become a better “YOU” because of it!  You will become stronger than you ever thought you would be!

Of course, people might try to discourage you.  There will be a lot of negative comments, but don’t let this derail you from achieving your goal!  Block those opinions out of your head and move on…..Don’t get me wrong; everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let’s face it, some are more open-minded than others and will support you no matter what!  Those are the kind of people you want to be surrounded by.  Those are the ones that will be there, through good times and bad and will have your back when you need them the most.

Let me give you a bit of context about my personal story.  I have recently embarked on my very own adventure!  SO HAPPY I did…..I am not the same person I blueberrywas two months ago.  I am finding that I have more confidence in myself.  This new found attribute has enabled me to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances and to build on my relationship skills.  This decision has changed the way I see the world, and life, for that matter.  It might well be a result of the supplements I am consuming from the company I am affiliated with!  They are derived from nature’s vitalizing blend of Superfoods and vitamins.  They are nothing but remarkable, and many can attest to this statement.

Check it out and see what I am “jumping into'” and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think….YOU too can become a doer, not just a dreamer!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog.  I plan on writing more, so don’t forget to come back to find out about the do’s and don’t’s in network marketing.  Stick around for my next post!

See you next time…..Brenda 🙂

Update September 2016

After giving it a good few months, working with family and friends I finally decided to give up on this MLM opportunity. Although it seemed that this was going to be a refreshing and positive change in my life it did not end that way.

The thought of quitting was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I realized that the business was not moving and after 8 months I no longer had the passion at continuing this journey.  I know that 8 months is not very long to try and make any business successful, but different aspects of this business gave me sufficient information to make that hard decision to quit.

You can read more on this journey here==> Kyani Scam or legit

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