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Finding a job can be a difficult task.Beautiful Young Woman Working From Home Main

Finding a job that you can do from home presents a larger challenge.

Trying to find a work from home job that is not a scam can be one of the hardest challenges you’ll ever have to overcome.

Here you are just trying to find a job that you can do at work with the least amount of hassle but then you have all these scammers trying to make a quick buck at your expense.

There is Help

Online job scams have become such an issue that in the US the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is not sitting silent anymore…they are getting involved and taking action.

The FTC has filed restraining orders on a number of offenders.

The offenders have allegedly persuaded consumers to buy into a system that promised them huge earnings with little work or in their spare time.

The FTC explains that the job scammers will place their advertisement in places where real employers place their adds.

The majority of the scammers will make promises of a job that pays hundreds of dollars per hour working from home with little or no experience.

Most of the scammers will ask for payment upfront.

The FTC warns people to be aware of any organization or site that asks for money upfront for a promise of a job. There is likely no real job on the other side once you’ve paid the upfront fee.

Watch for Signs of a Job Scam

Here is a quick list that should raise some red flags that the work from home job offer is a scam:

  1. Request you pay to get the job. Scammers will use different reasons you need to pay up front for the promise of a job but then the scammers do not deliver on their promise. You are left jobless after forking over your hard earned cash. Nobody should ask you to pay for the “Promise” of a job.
  2. Having to provide your bank account or credit card information. Never provide any credit card or banking information unless it is a trusted site or organization. Once they have your information they can use or sell it.
  3. Ads promising federal positions that were not disclosed to the public where they promise to provide you with a list for a fee. In the US and most other countries, lists for Federal jobs are free and accessible to the public. You can check out

Types of Work From Home Opportunities to Avoid

Some work from home opportunities can be legit but others are more likely to be scams. Here is a short list of some work from home opportunities that is suggested to avoid:

  • Medical Billing
    • The scammers tend to promise a lucrative income for a moderate investment to get everything you need to start your business. In the end, the companies rarely provide you with what is required or the lists and information are completely outdated or false.
  • Rebate Processing
    • Most of their ads suggest that the upfront fee is to provide training, certification, and materials to process rebates but you can be left with useless learning materials and no rebates to process.
  • Mystery Shopping
    • Another type of work where they request money upfront for training and certification only to be left without proper training and certification to nothing.
  • Multilevel marketing (MLM)
    • MLMs rely on word of mouth to sell their product. Although some MLMs do meet legal obligations to avoid being called a pyramid, others describe opportunities for huge success which is rarely the case for the majority of those buying into the business. In many cases, people are left with debt and a large amount of product that they are not able to sell.
  • Assembly work or crafts
    • Most of these opportunities will require you purchase their materials on top of acquiring the appropriate equipment to assemble or create crafts. Once you complete the assembly or crafts the company does not pay with the excuse that you did not meet the minimal quality standard. You can be left with no income and the costs of buying equipment that you may never use again.
  • Envelope Stuffing
    • Is this still a thing? Yes and No. The idea and the ads that you can make money stuffing envelopes is still out there. After you pay a small fee it usually turns out that there is no work or job stuffing any envelopes. Instead, you are asked to get other people to buy into the scheme the same way you got lured in.
  • Online or Internet Businesses
    • This one hits a chord with me as I am in the online business. Although there are legitimate ways to earn an income on the internet there is, unfortunately, a myriad of scammers out there trying to skim a bit of that income. As with many of the other work or job scams list above it all comes down to a common red flag. Avoid any opportunity that asks you to pay money or provide credit information up front.
    • Another red flag is when companies promise quick and huge amounts of income with little effort by paying an up front fee, they are straight up lying.

My experience

As I mentioned above, having the online or internet business opportunities listed as a probable scam does hit a chord for me as I am in the online affiliate marketing business.

I have seen many sites or services that raise red flags over the years.

I was fortunate to find a company that eliminated those red flags by not asking for any up front payment or credit information to learn how affiliate marketing works.

I was able to learn everything about affiliate marketing from them.

I also learned how to create and manage websites now for other people where I can charge a setup fee then a monthly maintenance fee.

There is so much more to learn and do with online business…but it is hard work.

If anybody says it is easy then they are lying unless they consider any job where you sit in front a computer monitor as easy…then yes it is easy.

Suggestions for Work From Home Jobs

You can check out my Home-Based Jobs page or Home-Based Business for some other options. Keep in mind to be wary of the red flags listed above. Although I try to ensure the links are for legitimate opportunities the companies listed can have a direction change towards scamming people too.

I also suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. That is the company that I was fortunate to find after so many years of searching. They do not ask for any payment or credit information to sign up. If you don’t like what you see, you can still stay on for free for as long as you like…no hassle, no financial commitment.

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