Work From Home Scams Exposed

Look out for work from home schemes that sound too good to be true!Work from home scams exposed

Recently, the Ohio Attorney General informed the press that a lawsuit was brought forward against work-from-home schemes created by 2 telemarketing groups.

They are accused of scamming people out of hard earned money by using misleading information and not following through on promises.

It is easier than you think to know how to spot a work at home scam. I will show you the signs to look out for further down but for now, let me describe what the 2 companies Buckeye Impact Group LLC and Premier Design Group LLC did to have a lawsuit slapped onto them.

How the Work From Home Scam Mislead Consumers

-Attracted Consumers Directly

-Their form of solicitation was through email and phone. Including contacting those on the “Do Not Call List”.

-The companies would claim to provide the consumers a product that would allow them to work from home and make $1,000 to $1,500  per month by paying an upfront fee.

-Poor Quality Products

Buckeye group would sell websites for an upfront fee of $99 or $129. They would claim that the websites would generate an income where people would purchase items from Amazon off of their site and earn a commission from those sales. They earn no commissions, although consumers had family and friends complete “Test” purchases from their sites.

Premier Design Group offered to market the purchased websites for an initial cost between $2,500 to $7,500. The marketed websites turned out to have quite obscure domain names and ranked very low in search engines. Meaning that the sites that consumers purchased had an extremely low likelihood of being seen by anyone during a search.

 The companies mislead consumers thinking they can earn easy money by paying an upfront fee for a poor quality product.

When it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

How to a Spot Work From Home Scam

1-Small upfront costs for promises of quick big rewards.

When someone, contacts you and offers to sell you something where the initial cost is low but make promises that you can earn something in the order of 10 times of much you paid…beware.

Ask yourself, if the product is that good at earning an income, why do they need to sell them for 10 times less their monthly income?  If they can create such tremendous great websites, why couldn’t they just create and manage these websites themselves?

Scam Alert is written all over that. Do not get attracted to the idea of making easy money online while working from home.

It takes hard work to get a website up with decent content.  I’ll talk more about that in a minute.

2-Promises of having huge amounts of purchasing traffic to your site by paying an upfront initial cost.

This red flag may not be obvious to the general population. Only once you have training in online marketing will it become increasingly apparent that the promises made by these companies are totally bogus.

How to Work From Home Scam Free

Knowledge is your best defense.  Already, the above information has provided you with increased knowledge about easy money online schemes.

There is much more to be known about online marketing. In the scam described in this post, the marketing strategy the scamming companies sold were websites that relied on affiliate income to earn an income or better known as Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a legal and robust form of online marketing. As legal as a car salesman making a commission on a sale of a car. If the 2 companies being accused were car salesmen, their actions would be best described by saying they would stop people on the street telling them they can buy a Red Ferrari or Mercedes for $99, and that particular car can run on 1 gallon per year.  Only to be handed a Red Pinto that ended up using 1 gallon per mile but they can tune it up like a Ferrari for $7,500…Scam…Scam.

Where to learn about Affiliate Marketing

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